Stump Jumper #SJ11 – Compleat Angler Exclusive Colour


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 #SJ11 – Exclusive Compleat Angler Colour

Stump Jumper’s proven swimming action and unbelievable anti-snag capabilities are combined with an exclusive patented snap-lock bib that lets you instantly alter the lures action and characteristics by changing to different shaped bibs. With a wide choice of colours and flashing metalised finishes and subtle patterns, you can change the colours of the bibs to get the attention of your targeted fish.

Stumpjumper size 1

Style: Minnow hard-body lure

Size: 105mm

A Bib shallow: Float / dives up to 3.5mt

Action: Fast running tight

B Bib deep: Float / dives up to 8mt

Action: Wide sway