NITRO Predator 6’11” – P01918


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Every estuary angler’s dream is to catch that fish of a lifetime and there is no doubt that flathead are high on the list. Finding a rod suitable to cast and comfortably work big soft plastics has been a challenge in the past, but not any more with the release of the Nitro Predator. The Nitro Predator is a 6’11” 2pc spin rod capable of casting weights up to 3/8oz. This allows for big wrigglers, shads and jerk baits to be worked along the banks or over shallows. At 3-6kg, the Predator combines brute strength with a finesse tip designed for power and lure control.

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To ensure Nitro owners are not disadvantaged by rod breakage, the Nitro insurance policy provides for the replacement of a broken rod section through the payment of an insurance fee, based on the category of Nitro rod involved – see table below. The policy provides for rapid replacement of broken sections delivered to your door or Nitro dealer. Proof of purchase is required for insurance claim.

The fee includes insurance excess, processing, freight/protective tube and GST. Being an Australian owned and designed brand name Nitro can service your replacement sections faster than any other brand name available. Contact us for further information.

NOTE: This policy does not cover lost/missing sections.