Nitro Crankbait baitcast (2 piece)


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Want to cast spinner baits all day at impoundment Bass? How about 6” stick baits around the markers for King-fish? Or “walking the dog” for Barra in the tropical north? Well this is the bait casting rod for you.

A quick responsive feel keeps you in touch with your lure through the retrieve while the extra length of this 6’6” rod gives you the reach to impart the perfect “wounded minnow” action when stick baiting pelagics.

Oh yeah, and there’s all the grunt you’ll need for steering big impoundment Bass from the timber, a rampaging King-fish from a barnacle encrusted buoy or a hell bound Barra from winding you through the mangroves.

  • Length 6ft 6
  • 2 piece rod
  • 2 – 4kg Line
  • Lure weight 1/4oz – 3/4oz (7 – 21 grams)
  • features IM8 Graphite blank and FUJI Alconite guides.


To ensure Nitro owners are not disadvantaged by rod breakage, the Nitro insurance policy provides for the replacement of a broken rod section through the payment of an insurance fee, based on the category of Nitro rod involved – see table below. The policy provides for rapid replacement of broken sections delivered to your door or Nitro dealer. Proof of purchase is required for insurance claim.

The fee includes insurance excess, processing, freight/protective tube and GST. Being an Australian owned and designed brand name Nitro can service your replacement sections faster than any other brand name available. Contact us for further information.

NOTE: This policy does not cover lost/missing sections.