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The CodFreaK is the ‘classic’ river lure casting rod. Purpose-designed for accurately casting more conventional bladed lures such as spinnerbaits and Mumblers, as well as larger traditional hard-bodied lures for both diving and surface presentations.

Of course, the CodFreak will also love casting the latest swimbaits and topwater lures when you’re fishing in tight river conditions!

The medium taper of this blank design makes it ideal for all lure types whether rigged with treble or single hooks. The tip power is strong enough to drive home a ‘single’ while the softer mid-section is kind to the hook-hold of a treble.

Whichever lure you choose, the action of the CodFreak blank is super-easy to cast with and the handle is designed for a comfortable double-handed style of casting.

When it comes to lure retrieving, the CodFreak has excellent balance that has no tip-heaviness whatsoever. So for ‘tip-up’ retrieves there is no effort required, and the sensitivity of the blank allows you to feel that your lure is working properly at all times. The Control Freak skeleton handle enhances this sensitivity with every vibration of feedback coming straight into the hands.

The 10+1 multi-guide train ensures that all operations involving line movement – casting, retrieving and fighting – are as smooth as possible.

We know a lot of anglers have been waiting for the perfect rive cod rod – and the CodFreak is now here!