Jarvis Walker Boat Landing Net 120cm


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The Jarvis Walker 120cm Boat Landing Net features an aluminium frame, spring-loaded stainless steel lock button, heavy duty mesh and an EVA grip. This net is purpose designed for big fish. The 1.2 metre long retractable handle gives you the reach, but allows the net to be easily stored. Ideal for inshore, estuary and lake fishing when targeting larger species and longer handle length is required.

Handle length: 120cm

Net frame (Width x Length): 43 x 57cm

Net drop: 80cm

PE Mesh size (Mesh made from 1.00mm PE): 55mm

TIP: Steer your fish into the net rather than attempting to swoop them up. If you have a big fish, lift the net vertically to avoid bending the handle.

Feature List

  • Retractable handle
  • Aluminium frame
  • Heavy duty mesh