Boomerang Lures

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This unique Aussie design was created byPredatek in the 1980’s. It’s bent-back wounded bait profile is now an Australian classic, and a proven producer around the world. It has loud rattles and an action that is irrestible to lurking predators.

The two sizes, 65 & 80, make it on the hit list of prey for a wide range of fresh and saltwater sportfish. It is one of Australia’s favourite lures and gaining a big reputation around the world.

Boomerang 65

Comes in deep (B65D) and ultra deep (B65UD) versions. Suitable for casting or trolling, the

B65D Body Length – 65mm, Weight – 10gms, Depth – 5.4m (18ft), Speed – 4 knots

B65UD Body Length – 65mm, Weight – 11gms, Depth – 7.0m (23ft), Speed – 3 knots

Boomerang 65 has a model and depth range to suit your needs.

Boomerang 80

Easy casting Boomerang 80 comes in deep (B80D) and ultra deep (B80UD) versions.

B80D Body Length – 80mm, Weight – 18gms, Depth – 6.0m (20ft), Speed – 4 knots

B80UD Body Length – 80mm, Weight – 20gms, Depth – 8.0m (27ft), Speed – 4 knots