Jackall Mask Vib 60 HM

The Mask 100 and Mask Vib 60 has a revolutionary elastomer body that makes it unique from other hard bodied lures. This soft elastomer is very durable and known for its strength and elasticity. This Hard and soft hybrid jerk baits displaces a lot of water like hard baits do but moves like a natural life-like soft artificial bait.

The Mask also has a titanium wire that runs through the elastomer body which adds to its strength. The titanium wire also aids in creating the swimming action of a real baitfish. It is easy to fish and creates a lot of action with its flexible soft tail. This bait can be used in all kinds of fishing conditions such as weed beds, flats, standing timber, points, coves, and incurrent, too.

This bait can be used for bass, stripers, trout, walleye, or any game fish. You can match the depths for different fishing situations.

Weight: Mask 60: 12g & 19g

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