Hammerhead Large

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This Lure was designed with the Cod and Yellowbelly angler in mind.

The Custom Crafted Large Hammerhead has a very strong body action sending out long vibration waves during retrieve. An action very deadly for Cod in particular.

Available in 2 sizes. A deep diver – the Large model holding down around 7 meters. To satisfy the requests of anglers who fish waters containing several species including Trout enthusiasts, the small model was introduced and has proven very successful.

The Custom Crafted hammerhead design incorporates a weight forward bib to give instant diving acceleration from the slightest retrieve.

The many stylish features would class it as an ultimate freshwater lure.

With 3 body sizes and a range of depths from 2-10+ meters.

Hammerhead Large are made from Australian Beech Timber

Available in- 110mm

Hammerhead deep 30ft

Hammerhead XD 40ft