Custom Crafted Lures

Proudly made in Australia
These lures were custom crafted in response to experienced anglers wanting the features of proven lures combined into one design. Features such as extra deep diving capabilities, durable construction, strong body vibrations and a colour selection more suited to Australian waters were included in the design criteria. The timber lures are individually handcrafted from selected Australian Beech. Due to the overwhelming demand for these lures, the small hammerhead & baby Fishstik (only) are available in high grade plastic injection. The advantage of plastic is that lures with rattles are an option.

Only the highest quality hooks and split rings are used and all eyelets are constructed of stainless steel. Every lure is hand detailed and air brushed with high grade acrylic paints and finished in extremely hard, two part clear protective coating. The range of colours include some standard shades and combinations that derive from the requests of ‘experts’ fishing Australian waters.