Lilydale bowmen lb100
25-27 of January 2013
By Joseph Hand

On the 24th of January my family travelled to Lilydale in Melbourne for a 3d competition which is held every year on the Australia day holiday. We left at 9am and we were there by …3pm and after we set up the caravan I was off to the practice range to get ready for the next day. The next day the shoot didn’t start till lunch so there was heaps of time to practice and get used the new release aid I was using.
The shoot started at 12.30 and it wasn’t a great start to the year but it slowly got better and managed to finish the round with 236 out of 250 which was 2nd overall and a good first round. One of the targets on the course was a mosquito, you had to shoot thru a window, it was on a table with pies and beers and balloon people sitting around it.
There was also a Jurassic park thyme target with a dinosaur attacking a man in a van.
That next day we got up early to shoot two rounds, first round was on a different course to the day before and it was a lot more dense forest with lots of tunnel shots, but I still managed to improve on the first round scoring 247. After lunch we went out on the course we shot the day before but by about half way around I started to tire and started messing up some shots but I still managed to finish on 246 and hold the overall lead by 10 points.
That night they had the novelty long shot but we had to shoot club bows at a cat set 70 yards away, and after few rounds the best four shooters went into a shoot off (I was one).we had 4 arrows at a 3d deer set up at 20 metres using a recurve bow. My first shot at the deer was a terrible one, going straight underneath it but the last 3 were all in the A but it wasn’t enough and I ended up coming second. The next day was the last day and we were shooting the harder course but I shot the best I had all weekend with only one or two stuff ups and I ended up finishing with 247 and a total of 976 and the highest score of the shoot by about 20 points. Once presentation was over we packed the van and we were off head back for wagga and we will be defiantly be going back next year.

Gear used
Mathews monster mr7
Spot hog 5 pin sight
Carbon express maxima blue streak

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