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Khancoban pondage is one of the most scenic places to fish in Australia and is well known for producing some of the biggest trout around.

It is generally accepted that the best trout fishing months on Khancoban are from April to late November, when most people troll King cobras, Tassie Devils, Rapalas or 8cm Nilsmasters with great success on the right days. It is also a fantastic lake to fish a Mud eye under a bubble or drown a wood grub, Bardi Grub or Scrub worm on the bottom.

Most of that is done in the beautiful clear shallows up the back of the lake. Traditionally, this is not the best time of the year to hit the Lake, but we have had some great reports on really nice Redfin being caught over the past week or two. With a couple of them weighing at 1.5kg (3lb)

Khancoban has had inhabitancies of Redfin for years. You do hear of the occasional good bag during the cooler months but as with most places the Redfin frequent, usually during the warmer months they get really active. Khancobans generally a shallow lake full of weed which can make it a very frustrating place to troll. You may find yourself constantly winding in to clear your lure of debris. If there is a bit of a breeze about it can make things much easier as all the surface rubbish is washed to the banks leaving a few clear patches.

Shallow Minnows such as Rapalas & Nilsmasters are the go and just as most people are doing in the Lake Hume at the moment, flick about a Vibe or Plastic (or combination of both) and you should be able to get a feed. Trout don’t disappear from the Lake completely at this time of year so you have every chance of landing a good fish while trying for Reddies. There’s also the option of fishing the swampy or one of the many other streams in the area.

Dartmouth is still yielding some good’s if you’re willing to get down & dirty. Downriggers, Paravanes and Lead lines are still virtually a necessity if you want to catch any number of Trout. Most Fishos are using Tassie Devils of different colours. Although anything with a yellow wing seems to be the go.

Mulwalas ticking over ok. Some nice Yellow belly and a few Cod were reported again this week. Stewy Klein tells me he’s picked up 22 Cod so far on the few trips he has done to Mulwala with 9 of them being keepers!

Blowering Dam has been patchy with reports of a few Redfin here & there and the small odd Cod. But if it is Redfin or Yellow belly you are after Lake Hume is the spot.

Receiving heaps of great reports this week with trolling, bait, jigging or casting Vibes & Plastics. Producing fish for most. The Redfin seem to have dropped off a little as far as average size goes but there are still more than enough decent ones around to end up with a feed. The Yellow Belly seems to be improving in numbers over the past week or two. It is not uncommon to get reports of a couple of Yellow belly amongst a bag of Redfin. Mick O’Callaghan reported he got 9 Yellas & 28 Redfin the other day, wouldn’t tell us exactly where though!!

The Rotary Club of Bellbridge and the Commercial Club fishing section normally get together to give us our Lake Hume Yellow belly Comp. With the devastation of the flooding in Queensland they are organising a Carpathon on Lake Hume on Sunday 13th February 2011. You can register to participate on Saturday 12th between 4pm – 7pm or on Sunday 13th February from 6.30am – 10am. Registrations will take place at the Lake Hume Tourist Park waterslide. Fishing time is Sunday ONLY from 7am-4pm with a sausage sizzle provided from 5-7pm (Gold coin donation)


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