On Wednesday the 20th of March dad and I travelled to Alice Springs for the 2013 national ifaa, aba and 3d championships. It took us two days of travelling to get there and then we had to set up the caravan.

On the Friday I got my bow out and after setting it up I was off to the practice range to make sure it was still shooting straight and after a bit of fine tuning I was ready for the days to come. The next day was the last day for practice before the ifaa started. The Sunday was the first day of competition, it was the field round which are the target with black and white ring and a black dot for the centre. I started the round off not so good, struggling to hit the dot, I dropped 25 points in our first 11 targets and when we finished our eleventh target we decided to have lunch while Ashley tried to fix her arrow rest but after an hour she couldn’t fix it so she decided to pull out leaving use with a group of three Luke Agnew, Tirane Morrissey and myself. Once we got back out my shooting had changed I was hitting them at all distance, only dropping 15 points in the last 17 targets and I managed to recover my score to finish with a 520 which was the third highest score for the day. The next day was the hunter round which is the black target with a white dot for the centre and I shot better in this round and broke my own Australian record by six points scoring 530 and getting the highest score of the day but 4 points which gave me the highest score overall so far and the last day was the animal round which is the animal targets with a score zone on them. This round I was focused on scoring a perfect round, and set an unbeatable Australian record and after 28 targets I had done it scoring a perfect score of 560. I was one of only 3 people to do it out of the 100 shooters, and after all my practice and hard work I was Australian champion for juniors and also got the highest overall score by 3 points. Once the ifaa was over we had a 2 day break and in these two days we moved in to the caravan park and my mum and sister flew in for the aba. There were 270 shooters for the aba and more juniors had turned up which was good to see, and because this competition was going to be my last as a junior I wanted to go out with the win and after sighting my bow in over the two day brake I was confident with my shooting, but the only concern I had was about the weather. The next day was the first day of the aba and I was shooting in a group of sponsored shooters which was good because I gave me something to aim for, the first round was on course 4 which is the furthest course from the club house and it was a fairly easy course with a couple of uphill shots. The wind was a bit annoying to try and shoot in but I persevered through it and managed to get a 396 only shooting two b’s, which I was happy with and it put me 6 points in front of the closest junior. After a good lunch we were off to course 1 which is the flattest course of the 4 courses and after 19 targets I was on a perfect score and the last target was group 1 rabbit, I don’t think I had ever been that nerves but I held my cool and nailed it scoring a perfect 400 and giving me the highest overall score for the day and lots of confidence for the next day event though the next 2 courses were the hardest. The next day was the final day of the aba and after practice was over we got into our groups and headed for course 2, which is the hardest and hilliest course. I was focused on continuing from the day before and wanted to shoot a new Pb. After the first round I was right on track to do it by shooting another 400 and extending my lead to 26 points going into the last round. Going out for the last round I was confident I could finish it off and set a new Pb and after along 2 days I was getting a bit tired but I finished it off with a 3rd 400 and setting my new Pb of a perfect 800 for a day and 1596 for a full competition beating my old pb of 1584. After presentation we were off back to the caravan park for a good sleep because the next two days were the 3d, which I wasn’t as confident about because I was worn out from all the shooting I had done. The 3d was going to be slow because they only had 2 courses with 6 people in each group. The first round of the 3d wasn’t so good, I had a couple of bad shoots and shot my only c for the whole comp, and I finish with a 392, giving me a lead of 12 points going in to the second round. I was focused on improving after my disappointing first score and I did but only by 2 points, but I was happy with that because it extended my lead to 28 points. Now it was the last day of shooting and I was looking forward to the end so I could have a break and relax, but first I had to finish. The first round went well only shooting 3 b’s all on those STUPID TURKEYS!! And I finished with another 394 giving me a good lead going into the final round. The afternoon round felt like it went forever and I could barely hold my bow up, but I still managed to improve and score a 396 which gave me the win by 66 points and gave me the title of 2013 ifaa, aba and 3d national champion. The next day we packed up the van, dropped off my mum and sister at the airport and dad and I were off for home. This competition was the best I had ever been to I had so much fun and met so many great people and I can’t wait to do it all again next year at Harvey bay.


Ifaa: field 520 hunter 530 (Australian record beating old one by 6 points) animal 560 (perfect score setting an unbeatable Australian record)

Total 1610 highest overall score by 3 points

ABA: round1 396 round2 400 round3 400 round4 400

Total 1596 highest overall score by 14 points

3D: round1 392 round2 394 round3 394 round 4 396

Total 1576 highest overall score by 26 points

Gear used

Mathew’s monster mr7

Spot hog sight

Carbon express blue streak

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